book review

Catching Summer by L.P. Dover


**Received ARC from publisher via NetGalley**

Today’s light read comes in the form of a sports romance with a little bit of suspense weaved in.

Reeling from watching her husband killed in the MMA ring, former nurse, Summer Jacobs spends the next two years trying to get her life back on track. After striving to make her husband’s dream of opening a restaurant come true, she’s gradually settling back into a normal routine, one that Carolina Cougars wide receiver, Evan Townsend, is hell bent on being a part of. While sparks fly between Summer and Evan, someone else is hell bent on keeping them apart.

This is the sixth book in L.P. Dovers’s Second Chances series. I haven’t had a chance to read any of the previous books, but I found it easy to follow the story. Though predictable, it was still an enjoyable read. Paced well, the story features endearing characters (the next book already looks promising as it explores what happens next for Evan’s best friend, Derek), a believable subplot, some tearful moments, and moments of triumph.

I think one of the things I love most about stories on second chances is the feel-good happy ending. It just gives readers hope that no matter what life throws at them, there’s always a silver lining. This story evokes the same feeling. And though it’s not something that would necessarily make it to the top of my must-read list, I would still recommend it for times when you just need a quick pick-me-upper.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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