book review

Without Borders by Amanda Heger


***Received ARC from publisher via NetGalley***

Lost and heartbroken over a recent failed relationship, aspiring medical student, Annie London, takes a trip to Nicaragua on a medical brigade for an experience of a lifetime. Though she tries to convince herself this opportunity is simply to beef up her application to her dream school, Brown University, there’s no denying her growing interest in the doctor in charge of the trip and her best friend’s older brother, Dr. Felipe Gutierrez. Meanwhile, the good doctor has always tried to keep the foreign volunteers at arm’s length because he finds nothing sincere about their intentions. However, Felipe is finding it more and more difficult to stay away from Annie as the days go by, realizing his little crush had never really faded after all these years. And as the brigade draws to an end, they struggle to sort through their feelings towards each other, wondering if fumbling through linguistic barriers, cultural differences and geographical distance is really worth it.

Bless Amanda Heger and her writing skills.

This was such a great read. Apart from interesting characters and a very heartwarming plot, the vivid images of the different communities and the people that inhabit them made me feel like I was trudging through the Central American rainforest as well. The occasional bits of Spanish weaved into the dialogue made it even more vibrant too. And though this is packaged into a neat little love story, I appreciate how it gives a side of funny anecdotes, a glimpse into painful realities, a little bit of heart-stopping suspense, tons of butterflies in the stomach, and so much more.

I would love to quote a few lines, but I don’t want to ruin the experience for other readers. Pick up a copy, and enjoy!

Rating: 4 stars


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