book review

Keep Me Still by Caisey Quinn


What a whirlwind this story was!

Suffering from seizures at loud noises after witnessing her parents gunned down in front of her, all Layla wanted was to stay invisible. That was, until Landen moved into town. This story spans years of ups and downs, battling darkness and learning to live in the light, and constantly wondering if love will ever be just enough.

Things I loved about the book:

1. The steam. Oh my. Though I personally could’ve done away with the dirty talk, I don’t think I’ll ever look at a cherry the same way again.

2. The realistic depiction of growth in both characters. Since this edition included the novella, ‘Let You Leave’, which gives the back story to how Layla and Landon were ripped apart before high school ended, I appreciated seeing both characters grow throughout this whole ordeal. At first, I was frustrated at how childish both characters were in dealing with their issues, but I needed to take a step back and realize this was most likely how they would’ve reacted in real life. I couldn’t blame them because they were both still learning about life. Hell, even as adults, people are continuously learning about life. It was refreshing to see that the author didn’t sugarcoat it. It was appropriate for the story. The more they learned about each other, the more they grew together.

3. It was captivating to watch how the characters dealt with their individual struggles. The story flowed well. I particularly find it frustrating to read books where the main characters are thrown into every possible situation that can go awry, especially when those situations come from out of left field. Though the main characters in this book seemed to suffer the same fate (whirlwind really is putting it lightly), I appreciated how realistic it was. It goes to show that the author put great effort into developing the characters, because this wouldn’t have worked if it weren’t believable. This is why I felt so much for Landen and his struggles. Not only did he need to deal with Layla and her condition, but he needed to also handle his struggles as a direct result of the abuse he went through as a child in order to be worthy of the live of his life.

4. That epilogue. And the lovely little Hope. It does get a happy ending, but it was a very realistic one. There are still struggles, the same way we struggle in real life from time to time. It was satisfying without sacrificing reality.

Just plain lovely.

Rating: 4 stars


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