thirsty thursday

Thirsty Thursday with Rebecca Yarros

Thirsty Thursday is a toast to some of the most intoxicating lines ever written.

This edition of Thirsty Thursday comes from “Eyes Turned Skyward” by Rebecca Yarros.

“Tell me, when he touches you, kisses you, does your skin sing for him?” I could barely choke the words out. Just thinking about Carter holding her, touching her, made my stomach churn. “Does your blood rush, your lips part just thinking about his kiss? Does your body vibrate when he’s close, remembering every orgasm he can wring from you?” I crossed the friendship line, sliding my fingers along her collarbone to rest inside her shirt, above her galloping heart. Her eyes flew open, and her lips parted. I wasn’t near her breasts, but I was still too close. “Your heart doesn’t pound like this for him, does it?”


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