top 5 wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I Am Most Like


It’s T5W, and today, I’m listing five characters that I am most like.

1. Will Cooper from Colleen Hoover’s Slammed Series
I know it’s unconventional of me to pick a male character, but when I read this book, I saw myself in him right away. My mother passed away when I was ten years old, and my father went through a bit of a rough patch, mostly just going through the motions without any thought. So for a time, it was just me and my younger sister. This is actually the time when I turned to poetry myself. It wasn’t until college that I started dabbling with poetry slams. Maybe I’m really more like Layken in that I’ve only done it a handful of times, but the reason why I identify more with Will has to do with his love for poetry. It’s always been my medium of expression. And though I don’t do slams anymore, I’m still very passionate about my poetry.

2. Jessica James from Penny Reid’s Truth or Beard
Like Jessica, I couldn’t wait to travel the world. I had the strictest father growing up, and since I reminded him so much of my mother, his hold on me had tightened even further when my mother passed away. I always said that as soon as I have the means, I’m taking the first flight out, and I did. And yes, I’m married to a guy with an awesome beard too.

3. Charli Blake from G.J. Walker-Smith’s Saving Wishes
Growing up, my father and I used to butt heads all the time. I could never keep myself from breaking the rules, and I guess to this day, I’m still a bit like Charli Blake in that sense. Part of the reason I am the way that I am I guess is because I know the world is so much bigger than the bubble I grew up in. I was always curious about the world, and though I understood that my father only worries about me, I couldn’t help but feel like there’s so much more out there for me. Apart from wanting to travel, I chose Charli more for the kind of relationship she has with her older brother Alex who took care of her when their mother passed away. Their relationship pretty much mirrored mine and my father’s, and I know that every time I fall, he’ll always catch me. And though it scares him to death, he’ll never keep me from soaring either.

4. Andrea Sachs from Lauren Weisberger’s The Devil Wears Prada
Right after college, I came to New York to work in the English Press Section of the United Nations Department of Public Information. Due to unforseen circumstances though, I couldn’t stay past the General Assembly and came back home thinking I’ll end up working for The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Instead, I ended up working for Summit Media, which is the local licensee for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Men’s Health. At first, I felt a little bit like a fish out of water, but quickly gained my footing with the help of a few good friends I made in the industry. Reading this book made me feel like I was back in that world. Though I didn’t have to dress up the same way Andrea was expected to, the demands were all the same.

5. Bianca Piper from Kody Keplinger’s The DUFF
My core group of friends has always been people I’ve known since high school. And in high school, I was hanging out with the popular crowd. But like Bianca, I was The Duff of my group. I was always the quiet and awkward nerd. Guys used to always come to me to hook them up with my friends who are all tall and gorgeous — a PMAP model, a TV show host, and a Zhang Ziyi doppelganger. Meanwhile, I’m the quirky lil pixie with bad teeth. They say beauty is relative, and I’m happy I found someone who sees the beauty in me, but just lining us up next to each other? I bet that 9 out of 10 times, random people will pick me as The Duff. And I’m okay with that.


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