book review

Five Ways to Fall by K.A. Tucker


Finally done with law school and awaiting the results of the bar exams, Ben spends his last few days in Cancun before starting a new job as an attorney at Jack Warner’s law firm. There he meets feisty, purple-haired, Reese MacKay, who sneaks out of Ben’s room in the middle of the night after a botched attempt at a one-night stand, humiliated and utterly embarrassed, but otherwise, safe in the knowledge that they will never see each other again. As Jack Warner’s stepdaughter and recently hired paralegal though, it was only a matter of time before Reese runs into Ben at the office. What starts out as a truce in exchange for favors turns into a genuine friendship, albeit the obvious attraction between the two main characters. As much as the flirtation seems harmless, the strict no fraternization policy at work gets tested, especially when both of their pasts start rearing their ugly heads.

I hate to do this to a series that I’ve come to really enjoy, but this book was a little bit of a letdown, which is quite unfortunate really because I think this is the last book in the Ten Tiny Breaths series. Over the course of the previous three books, I have come to appreciate some of the more endearing characters ever created, Ben Morris definitely included. To find out that this book revolves around him, I sure had high hopes for it.

One of the things that the author did well was to flesh out Ben’s character further in this book. His interactions with his mom established how big his heart is, instantly earning him a spot on my swoon-worthy book boyfriends list. He’ll melt your insides, guaranteed.

Reese, on the other hand, felt familiar, as if she had already appeared in the series before, which would’ve been a good thing for cohesion or transition from one book to the next. However, I found myself wondering if I might’ve skipped a book because her back story was written out pretty much like a quick-passing memory that the readers should’ve already known. It almost felt like a blip on the radar, but the impact was so great that it merited her wrath. Maybe I’m being a bit greedy, but I wanted to see more of the relationship between Reese and her ex, Jared. And I think this is one of those instances where the author could’ve used multiple flashback chapters to give her motives a bit more depth.

Another thing that I feel like this book lacks is more appearances by characters from the previous books. When the first three books heavily incorporated the same characters we fell in love with, a short cameo by Kacey at Storm and Dan’s wedding and a quick appearance by Nate at Ben’s party just isn’t enough. It’s the last book, and I feel like I didn’t get a proper goodbye from the series and it’s characters.

What I did like about this story though is the chemistry between Reese and Ben. Funny and sexy, the flirtation between them came easy, and the progression was expected. Definitely couldn’t help rooting for them.

Overall, it’s still a nice and easy story that can be read as a standalone.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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