thirsty thursday

Thirsty Thursday with Ellie Wade

Thirsty Thursday is a toast to some of the most intoxicating lines ever written.

This edition of Thirsty Thursday comes from “Finding London” by Ellie Wade.

“Perhaps, as she told me before, we’re truly meant to be. Just maybe, I’m meant to have happiness in this life. I know she’s not perfect. She has flaws, as do I. But I texted her back because what if my lots of fucked up and her little of fucked up can be fucked up together?” His other hand grasps my waist, and his fingers dig into my skin in the most delightful way.

He pauses for a minute and regards me with burning eyes. “Maybe, where you have holes, I can fill you with my strength, and where I am ripped wide open, you can mend me. There has to be a reason that you’re the first woman in my life whom I can’t ignore. It’s a lot to hope. But there’s a small chance that, someday, we won’t be fucked up together; we’ll just be together.”


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