thirsty thursday

Thirsty Thursday with S.E. Hall

Thirsty Thursday is a toast to some of the most intoxicating lines ever written.

This edition of Thirsty Thursday comes from “Pretty Instinct” by S.E. Hall.

“Enough of my excuses,” he continued, “and please, daughter, as you grow into a fine young woman, try not to make them. If you know the bottom’s safe—jump. If you know it’s returned—love. If you really want it—fairly take it. If you run, do it till your lungs burn. Laugh until your cheeks ache. And forgive, as you’ll always want to be forgiven. I didn’t say forget, and certainly your spirit won’t allow for you to be a doormat, but forgive. Ask yourself, always, if they die tonight…was I really that mad? The answer will almost always be no, so act accordingly.”


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